Submit Your Original Songs!

Want to know if your own songs are on The Write Track“?

Submit them here for review!  I and other viewers will have a chance to give you honest feedback!

Sometimes, you only need to hear from total strangers that your song rocks to give you the boost you need to further production!  Or, sometimes, you may need a little constructive criticism to head back to the writing table for more tweaking!

Either way, here you will be able to get some feedback FREE of cost!  Although your songs are safe with me, you should always have your material copyrighted for added protection.  Also, always start and end your work(s) with the © symbol followed by the year you created it and your name!

To Submit Your Song:

1.  Simply copy/paste in your lyrics with the notes in the “Leave a Reply” section below.  If you only have lyrics and no music, that’s fine too.  You can type-in notes above the lyrics where the notes change or simply let us know what the basic chord progression is.  Leave an email address along with your submission if you would like me to email your review upon completion.  Keep in mind that other viewers will be able to comment on your song if you choose to submit it in this manner!

2.  You may email me a video or mp3 file of your song: srhealync@gmail.comThis is a safer way to submit your songs, however, you will only get my personal review and your material will not be shared with anyone else for critique.  My reviews will be completed and sent to you within 2 weeks of your submission date.


Do not worry if your song is not professionally produced or recorded, or if your musical skills are not top-notch!  As a non-performing songwriter, I know that not everyone is blessed with the vocals of Mariah Carey!  If you are submitting a song here, you should be at the stage where you have completed the song but want final critiques/suggestions BEFORE you further any production/recording.

If you have professionally recorded a demo, that’s great!  You are still encouraged to submit your song here for a review before submitting to publishing/recording companies.

In addition, please feel free to introduce your song to us!  Especially if you are submitting in text-only format.  Give us an idea of what inspired you to write the song, what the “feel” of the song is supposed to be, what it means to you, etc.

It would also be good to know if you would like critique on your performance (if you submit video/mp3) or if you would like a song review only which will ignore your performance and listen only for the substance/potential of the song.

You may also remain anonymous by using a temporary email address.  Just remember that your review will be sent to whatever email address you provide.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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