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Writing a Hit Song

Posted: December 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

In order to write a hit song, you have to be familiar with what songs are currently hits!

Do your research!  What songs are topping the charts? Who wrote them?  Are there any similarities? 

You don’t have to conform your style to completely match the current “hits”; however, it is important that you are able to incorporate some of those attributes into your songs.

You can also try connecting with songwriters of popular songs past or present.  They might just be willing to provide you with tips, insights, or answers to your specific questions.  Always, always, approach them professionally and respectfully.  And don’t take it personally if they do not respond; they likely have many people trying to contact them!

Make sure you believe in your song, that it’s somehow catchy, and that most people can relate to it! 




15 Great Songwriting Tips

Posted: December 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Keep In Mind:  These are just tips! 

♫Most are things that you can try when your “go-to” method of songwriting isn’t generating any material for you! 

♫Or, they may simply help inspire you – get your ideas flowing!


1. Write out your song’s structure before you begin.  ie:  Chorus, Verse1, Hook, Chorus, Verse 2, Hook, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus.

2. Try mixing up a song’s structure in an unusual way – different from your norm.  Just make sure the song still flows!

3.  Forget structure and just start playing around with your instrument – sometimes songs will just come to you, honestly!

4.  Select a specific audience for your song – then write directly to that person/crowd.

5.  Record yourself making up the melody/lyrics, then listen back – you may find that some of your ramblings actually work!

6.  Don’t limit yourself to only one specific genre of music – try anything that comes naturally to you no matter what “type” of music it sounds like!

7.  Make sure you really believe in what you are writing – avoid writing words or melodies just because it rhymes or works mechanically.

8.  Go out on a limb and have strangers review your music – the internet is a great place to get real feedback. Your family/friends will likely boost your ego no matter what.  And be prepared that some people will be mean just to be mean, so you have to take comments with a grain of salt.

9.    COPYRIGHT YOUR SONGS IF YOU ARE GOING TO BROADCAST THEM ANYWHERE!  It’s only about $30, so just do it – copyrighting your work also shows that you think your material is worth something!

10.  Try to mix everyday words with poetic words – a song that uses common words/phrases tends to be “catchier” – and if you add some uncommon/poetic words in there then you make the song unique!  Using too many elegiac words (like “elegiac” lol) can take the song out of popular interest.

11. Start with a pre-made beat – like from a keyboard, then add music to it.

12.  Pick a specific theme/emotion/storyline for your song and stick with it – centering the entire song around it.

13.  Change your instrument – if you write on guitar, try piano and vice versa – pick up a harmonica, etc.  You may find new inspiration with a new instrument!

14.  Create a Title for your song first – then write it!  In fact, write a whole list of Titles and set a goal to write a song for each within a certain timeframe!

15. Set a time limit to write your song or even pieces of the song – ie: 1 hour to have the chorus done, or, 1 week to finish a new song, etc.   This puts pressure on your brain to generate material!



Chord Progressions

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Isn’t it amazing how many different songs exist (and are not yet created) that use the same exact chord progression!?! Many times these progressions are even arranged to the same, or similar, rhythym yet they sound totally distinct! I think many songwriters get bogged down thinking that they have to create a completely new chord progression that no one has ever heard before. This, quite frankly, is almost impossible to do at this day in age. Of course, attempting this is still awesome and can generate some cool songs. However, sometimes taking the easy way out is not such a bad idea.

You can take a chord progression from your favorite song(s) and still write a 100% original jam. In this case, make sure to completely rid your mind of the lyrical tune of the song you are using before you start writing. You will want to add a lyrical melody that is totally different! Try playing the chords in a different rhythym. Explore holding the chords for longer or shorter periods of time. Even better if you can change the “feel” of the chord progression by your strumming pattern, lyrics, and/or lyric melody. For example if the song you are pulling chords from is an upbeat/happy jingle, try turning it into a more melancholy song.

By using “pre-created” chord progressions, you take alot of work out of your songwriting session. Again, this is not always the way to go, but can be a good start, especially for beginners. Best of luck! 😉

Writer’s Block

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

There is nothing worse to get you off of The Write Track than a case of writer’s block.

Personally, I have found that this comes more from a subconscious level of not wanting to face certain feelings, emotions, or past experiences.

If you have writer’s block, try digging deep within yourself to find what is really fighting to come to the surface. You may need to go outside, take a car ride, or sit in a dark room.  (Change your surroundings)

This should hopefully give you new perspective and allow your ideas to come back to life!  Just try to get some words out and on to paper  – even if they sound crazy!

Once you pass this threshold, your wheels should be turning again just fine!



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Coolest Guitar Ever

Posted: November 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

The coolest guitar that I have ever seen!

I just learned about it recently and will be buying one ASAP! 

It’s called the Ovation iDea!

This acoustic electric guitar has a built-in mic and mp3 recorder/player! It even has a USB port! You can record, download, and share your music with ease!
It even offers downloadable lessons for beginners!
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Songwriter’s Market – Review

Posted: November 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

For everyone who is serious about Songwriting, the Songwriter’s Market is a must-have resource.  This book offers great information, especially for beginners!  It is loaded with songwriting tips and links to credible people in the music industry.  Of all the things you will spend money on in your songwriting career, this purchase is a small investment with limitless opportunities! 

I bought mine for just under $20 at!


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That Sounds Stupid!

Posted: November 10, 2012 in Uncategorized


So many times when I write, I think to myself, “That sounds stupid!”

Often, it probably does, but many things that sound stupid end up on our TV shows, radios, and blogs everyday!  You have to free yourself from the judgment of others.  There will always be a critic, but don’t let that hold you back.

Write what you’re feeling or thinking. Many times, the most ridiculous brainstorms produce or help cultivate the best stories, poems, lyrics, etc.!  If you write something that you think sounds stupid, don’t immediately discard it.  Work with it!  If it still sounds stupid after that then get some input from people you can trust to give you an honest critique!



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I just had a “blonde-moment song writing epiphany”! 

 That’s what I’m calling it anyway!

I printed, cut out, and taped songwriting tools to my guitar!  How ingenious!?!

Just taping these to the back and top of my guitar makes life so much easier! #thesmallthings

 They were:

1. The Guitar Chord Circle of Fifths that is great for finding/learning chord progressions.

2. A Guitar Chord Chart (for those weird chords that no one remembers).

3.  And a couple of loose papers on top so I can jot lyrics or notes as I go. (Without having to reach over the guitar or get inito those awkward positions!)

♫ Always ♫


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