Me: Approximately

Me: Approximately

I’m 26.

I’m a secretary by day and a songwriter by night.

I have been playing since I was about 8 years old.

I’m not a professional musician or singer by any means!

However, I do have a knack for conjuring up melodies and writing lyrics that I think most people can relate to.

I’ve worked in criminal justice, retail, and the food industry – so I know A LOT about people! :/

I love summer, ice cream, and days at the lake.

I have an amazing husband who supports me so much that he said I could move to Nashville for a year to promote my songs if I wanted to!

My mom and dad raised me to be a hard working, well-rounded, Christian – and I thank them for that – RIP†Daddy

I’ve been depressed, I’ve been angry, I’ve been heartbroken, I’ve been $broken!

Today, I’m saved, optimistic, healthy, happy, and in love with everything!

#still$broken (lol)

Songwriter. Christian. §Pisces. Music. Nature.Art. Health.Smiling.


  1. Stephyy says:

    hi srhealync! thanks for liking my post so I went over your blog and followed you. I find you really pretty. haha. anyways, thanks again! :))

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