15 Great Songwriting Tips

Posted: December 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

Keep In Mind:  These are just tips! 

♫Most are things that you can try when your “go-to” method of songwriting isn’t generating any material for you! 

♫Or, they may simply help inspire you – get your ideas flowing!


1. Write out your song’s structure before you begin.  ie:  Chorus, Verse1, Hook, Chorus, Verse 2, Hook, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus.

2. Try mixing up a song’s structure in an unusual way – different from your norm.  Just make sure the song still flows!

3.  Forget structure and just start playing around with your instrument – sometimes songs will just come to you, honestly!

4.  Select a specific audience for your song – then write directly to that person/crowd.

5.  Record yourself making up the melody/lyrics, then listen back – you may find that some of your ramblings actually work!

6.  Don’t limit yourself to only one specific genre of music – try anything that comes naturally to you no matter what “type” of music it sounds like!

7.  Make sure you really believe in what you are writing – avoid writing words or melodies just because it rhymes or works mechanically.

8.  Go out on a limb and have strangers review your music – the internet is a great place to get real feedback. Your family/friends will likely boost your ego no matter what.  And be prepared that some people will be mean just to be mean, so you have to take comments with a grain of salt.

9.    COPYRIGHT YOUR SONGS IF YOU ARE GOING TO BROADCAST THEM ANYWHERE!  It’s only about $30, so just do it – copyrighting your work also shows that you think your material is worth something!

10.  Try to mix everyday words with poetic words – a song that uses common words/phrases tends to be “catchier” – and if you add some uncommon/poetic words in there then you make the song unique!  Using too many elegiac words (like “elegiac” lol) can take the song out of popular interest.

11. Start with a pre-made beat – like from a keyboard, then add music to it.

12.  Pick a specific theme/emotion/storyline for your song and stick with it – centering the entire song around it.

13.  Change your instrument – if you write on guitar, try piano and vice versa – pick up a harmonica, etc.  You may find new inspiration with a new instrument!

14.  Create a Title for your song first – then write it!  In fact, write a whole list of Titles and set a goal to write a song for each within a certain timeframe!

15. Set a time limit to write your song or even pieces of the song – ie: 1 hour to have the chorus done, or, 1 week to finish a new song, etc.   This puts pressure on your brain to generate material!



  1. What are your best songwriting tips!?!

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