Chord Progressions

Posted: November 24, 2012 in Uncategorized

Isn’t it amazing how many different songs exist (and are not yet created) that use the same exact chord progression!?! Many times these progressions are even arranged to the same, or similar, rhythym yet they sound totally distinct! I think many songwriters get bogged down thinking that they have to create a completely new chord progression that no one has ever heard before. This, quite frankly, is almost impossible to do at this day in age. Of course, attempting this is still awesome and can generate some cool songs. However, sometimes taking the easy way out is not such a bad idea.

You can take a chord progression from your favorite song(s) and still write a 100% original jam. In this case, make sure to completely rid your mind of the lyrical tune of the song you are using before you start writing. You will want to add a lyrical melody that is totally different! Try playing the chords in a different rhythym. Explore holding the chords for longer or shorter periods of time. Even better if you can change the “feel” of the chord progression by your strumming pattern, lyrics, and/or lyric melody. For example if the song you are pulling chords from is an upbeat/happy jingle, try turning it into a more melancholy song.

By using “pre-created” chord progressions, you take alot of work out of your songwriting session. Again, this is not always the way to go, but can be a good start, especially for beginners. Best of luck! 😉

  1. What are some of your best/favorite chord progressions!?! Let us know!

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