Coolest Guitar Ever

Posted: November 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

The coolest guitar that I have ever seen!

I just learned about it recently and will be buying one ASAP! 

It’s called the Ovation iDea!

This acoustic electric guitar has a built-in mic and mp3 recorder/player! It even has a USB port! You can record, download, and share your music with ease!
It even offers downloadable lessons for beginners!
♫ Click on the Ovation iDea Link Above
for Even More Info. on this Amazing Guitar! ♫
Use the Numbered Dialog Cloud in the Top Right Corner!
  1. srhealync says:

    Are there any other brands that offer a guitar similar to this? Or are there other high-tech instruments like this one? Let us know if you have the info!

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